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The Flavor That Caused Ben & Jerry's To Apologize To All Of Ireland
When it comes to taking risks with flavors, Ben & Jerry’s is a daredevil of the ice cream world. While there is no reward without a bit of risk, there have been times when Ben & Jerry’s flavors were not embraced by consumers, and one flavor even caused controversy between the company and the entire country of Ireland.
The flavor, Black & Tan, consisted of cream stout and chocolate ice cream swirled together inside a black pint. However, Irish customers pointed out that “Black and Tan” was the nickname for a British military force that committed atrocities during the Irish War of Independence, including the Bloody Sunday massacre.
Ben & Jerry’s quickly apologized to Irish customers, with a representative telling The Irish Times, “Any reference on our part [...] was absolutely unintentional.” The flavor was meant to reference a beer cocktail called a black and tan, but didn't even contain any beer, making the retired ice cream even more unpopular with shoppers.