Three whole pineapples scattered on a white background
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The Flavor Notes That Differentiate Pink And Yellow Pineapples
While golden pineapples are distinctly sharp and acidic, special "Pinkglow" pineapples are not only pink, but much less sour and a lot juicier than their yellow counterparts.
While Pinkglows look like a golden pineapple on the outside, the flesh has a blushing pink hue and, according to some, a candy-like flavor.
Others have described the aroma of the Pinkglow as floral or rosy, with a flavor like pineapple and strawberries combined.
Pinkglows get their pink color from the presence of lycopene, the same pigment that naturally occurs in other red fruits like tomatoes and watermelons.
You can find golden pineapples at nearly any supermarket, but Pinkglows are scarcely scattered around the country, and can cost up to $40 for a single fruit when ordered online.