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The Flavor Difference Between White And Black Pepper
Many cooks use ground white pepper in place of black pepper when they don't want visible black specks in their final dish, but there's also a significant flavor difference between black and white pepper. These two different kinds of pepper come from the same species of peppercorn, but are manufactured differently.
Ethan Frisch, co-founder and co-CEO of spice brand Burlap and Barrel, tells Food Network that "Black peppercorns typically are hotter than white peppercorns, while white peppercorns are earthier." This is because white peppercorns undergo a soaking process that removes their skins before they're dried.
Depending on how long they're left to soak, white peppercorns may taste mildly fermented or straight-up funky. White pepper has more of a savory umami flavor, in addition to keeping the color of foods pale and clean, but in not-so-pepper-centric recipes, black and white pepper can be used interchangeably