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The Flavor Difference Between Peychaud's And Angostura Bitters
Bitters are herb-infused extracts that can add depth and complexity to countless cocktails, making them a secret weapon for many bartenders. Peychaud's and Angostura are two very popular brands of bitters with closely-guarded recipes, but while their differences in ingredients may not be known, their differences in flavor are obvious.
Peychaud's bitters are lighter, sweeter, and carry a finish that is a bit more bitter on the tongue compared to Angostura. It has sweet, subtle waves of candied cherries, citrus fruits like orange, and spicy notes of clove, plus a warming, comforting taste of licorice with hints of anise, yet it's also less spicy than Angostura overall.
Angostura bitters aren’t as sweet as Peychaud's, with more spice per splash, including savory notes of cinnamon and cloves to wake up your palate. Because of its less sweet character, Angostura is easier to add to foods like deviled eggs and roasted vegetables, and it balances out sweeter drinks with bourbon, whiskey, gin, or rum.