Creole pastries filled with sweet potato and quince jelly (traditional Argentine food).
The Creole pastries are made with a crispy and puff pastry. They can be filled with two types of filling, with quince jelly, dulce de leche, sweet potato sweet, guava sweet, etc; although the most common are quince. In Argentina they are linked to the celebration of May 25, 1810, the date on which Argentina formed its First National Government.
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The Flaky Pastry That’s Eaten To Celebrate Argentina’s Independence
History of Pastelitos
Pastelitos are Argentinian sweet treats made out of puff pastry that is stuffed with sweet paste and then fried or baked. The pastry is traditionally served on the anniversary of Argentina’s May Revolution because when the first national government was formed, women carried baskets of pastelitos through the streets in celebration.
How to Make Them
Pastelitos are made with a crunchy outer pastry and jelly-like inner filling, which can be made with anything from jelly to mashed sweet potato or dulce de leche. To make them you can use pre-made puff pastry, or make your own; then simply cut into squares, stuff your filling of choice between two squares of dough, and fry.
Pastelitos Fillings
Pastelitos can be stuffed with almost anything, but the most common fillings are dulce de leche, sweet potato jelly, guava jelly, and quince jelly, made from sour quince fruit. The sweet and sour fillings help balance the buttery puff pastry, but if you want even more sugary goodness, feel free to add a caramel sauce or festive sprinkles.