Asparagus bound together by a band
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The First Thing You Should Do With A Fresh Bunch Of Asparagus
Fresh asparagus is a wonderful and versatile ingredient, but unlike other, sturdier vegetables, it should be used within a day of buying for the best results. Whether you buy it from the grocery store or the farmer’s market, perform this step once you take your asparagus home to keep the stalks' integrity for as long as possible.
No one likes limp asparagus, and while keeping it refrigerated before using definitely helps, there’s another important measure to take: If your asparagus stalks are held together by a rubber band, cut the band off. Leaving the rubber hand on can bruise your asparagus or make it limp and rubbery when you cook it.
As stated previously, asparagus is best eaten ASAP, but there are a few ways to keep it fresh for longer. You can trim the bottoms of the stalk and put them in a jar with about an inch of water, then cover them with a plastic bag and store them in the fridge, or you can simply keep them in a special produce bag in the veggie crisper.