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The First Thing To Do When Getting A Starbucks Iced Cappuccino
While some coffee drinks translate from hot to iced with no problem, iced cappuccinos can end up watery, so try this order modification for a robust cappuccino at Starbucks.
A cappuccino is traditionally topped with warm milk foam, and warm foam on top of an iced drink causes the ice to melt, turning the whole drink watery.
The first thing to ask for when ordering your cappuccino is cold foam in place of the standard foam. Although cold foam costs 50 cents extra, it gives you a far more robust drink.
Starbucks has over 12 different cold foam flavors, from hazelnut to chocolate, you also can get creative with your iced cappuccino for a drink that is flavorful and fun.
This tip also works well with other iced coffee beverages, ensuring that they retain their full coffee flavor with some added richness and flavor on top.