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The First Step To Take If You Don't Know Which Wine To Order
At some restaurants, the wine list is even longer than the dining menu, and unless you know exactly what kind of wine pairs best with your food, you may feel pretty lost. However, you don't have to make this tough decision alone; most fine restaurants with an exhaustive wine menu also have a staff member who can help you out.
To make it easier to pick a wine, ask to speak to the restaurant's sommelier. The sommelier likely compiled the wine list, so they should be able to help you pick the best bottle for your tastes, as long as you say what food you're ordering and which wines you like and don’t like, such as red, white, rosé, or sparkling varieties.
You should also specify a price range, since it’s not uncommon to see wines listed anywhere from $80 to $120 at a fine dining establishment. Your budget will further help the sommelier decide which bottle will best fit your preferences without sacrificing quality or suitability, so it’s an important piece of information to share.