Smoked old fashioned rum cocktail with cubes of ice around on a dark background.
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The First Step For Getting Bar-Worthy Smoked Cocktails At Home
Though smoked cocktails may appear intimidating to prepare, you can add smoke to your home cocktails with a basic smoker or any fire-safe surface and kitchen torch.
Before any wood chips or flames enter the scene, ensure the cocktail glasses you'll be serving the drinks in are wet so that the smoke sticks to the inside of each glass.
Then, light wood and set the wet, empty glasses over the burning materials. Once you've trapped the smoky essence, pour the mixed drink directly into the glasses.
Bourbon, whiskey, and rum have earthy flavors that can be deepened by smoke, while sweet Amaretto smoked can amplify the contrast between the sweet and grounded tasting notes.
If you don't want to deal with smoke or fire while mixing cocktails, you can still serve smoke-flavored drinks by adding mezcal or whiskey to your beverages.