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The First Starbucks Store Has A Touching Piece Of History
Starbucks' first café at Pike Place in Seattle, the only location that displays the company's original logo, is filled with mementos that date back to the chain's early beginnings. One of the most unassuming yet pivotal artifacts is a slim metal coat hook, affixed to the wall since 1995, according to the company's professed history.
Going by the story, Alyson Edwards, who was the manager of the café at the time, had a regular customer who usually walked more than 10 miles to Starbucks for her regular caffeine fix, and often complained that she didn't have a place to hang her coat. The small shop didn't even have seating or other furnishings at the time.
As a surprise for the holiday season, Edwards presented the coat hook with a red bow to the customer, who said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. The hanger remains to this day as the beginning of Starbuck's famous hospitality, as its locations around the world now double as homey studying spots and gathering places.