Homemade raspberry pie. Homemade cakes with berries. A piece of pie is cut, close-up. Baked red raspberries sprinkled with powdered sugar on top of the cake.
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​​The First Slice Of Pie Will Never Fall Apart Again Thanks To This Trick
Pie is one of those desserts that we come back to repeatedly, savoring its buttery, flaky crust and sweet fillings that range from strawberry to banana pudding. While preparing and serving this delicious dessert at home can be messy, there is a tip that will help you to serve slices that are consistently beautiful.
If you've ever removed a perfectly flakey and fragrant pie from the oven just to have the first slice slump into a mess as you remove it from the pan, you're not alone. America's Test Kitchen offers a helpful technique to prevent this: instead of cutting one slice, cut two slices to give yourself a little more wiggle room for whichever piece you take first.
Bon Appetit shares that in addition to the previous tip, letting a home-baked pie cool completely before cutting into it will help the hot filling set instead of remaining runny, keeping your first slice from crumbling into a mess. Another suggestion is to choose an offset pie server, which will easily slide under the dessert's bottom crust.