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The Filling (And Cheap) Potato Sandwich Brooklyn Loves
Breakfast sandwiches, with their multitude of recipes and ability to start your day off right, are a beloved dish by everyone in America. Defonte’s, a family owned business in Brooklyn with over 100 years of service, has a variation of their own you’re sure to fall in love with.
For less than $8, you can have a delicious and filling sandwich with potatoes cooked into eggs between two toasted buns. The Defonte's menu states that eggs, mozzarella, and seasoned baked potatoes are prepared in a cast-iron skillet, and that Virginia ham can be added for an extra $1.50.
Alan from Kindred Souls of Brooklyn states how this sandwich was originally titled the poor man’s sandwich because it was so hearty that it would stick to a man's bones while he worked. You can find this variation in any part of New York City, but no one does it like Defonte’s.