Giada De Laurentiis smiling
The Fancy Jarred Tomatoes Giada De Laurentiis Uses In Marinara Sauce
To make marinara sauce, chef Giada De Laurentiis uses Datterini tomatoes to craft her pasta sauce. Datterini are small cherry tomatoes with a sweet taste, perfect for sauce.
Per her Giadzy website, De Laurentiis prefers the Italian, female-owned brand Masseria Dauna. The company grows them on a mountain in the Puglia village of Lucera.
Datterini tomatoes have the sweetest flavor of all tomatoes, but they also have little to no acidity. These red fruits can also be yellow, which are even sweeter than the red ones.
You can generally find them at specialty grocers or Whole Foods. They are going to run you a pretty penny, but once you taste a jar, there is no going back.