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The Fancy Ingredient Ina Garten Swears By For Tuna Melt
When it comes to sandwiches, a tuna melt definitely ranks among some of the most delicious classics, with incarnations ranging from a down-and-dirty diner version on white bread to a fancy take served on a baguette with cornichons and good cheese. But if you really want to get upscale with it, Ina Garten's posh preparation can’t be beat.
If you've ever tucked into a tuna melt at a diner, then chances are it had low-grade canned tuna spread between slices of supermarket white bread. But Ina Garten likes to go big or go home, so she goes for high-quality, imported tuna that's packed into glass jars with olive oil.
The rest of the ingredients in Garten's tuna salad are far from the standard, as well, with fresh dill and anchovy paste, and buttery, full-flavored Emmentaler cheese. Served open-faced after a quick trip under the broiler, Garten declares her tuna melts "the perfect retro food for a weeknight dinner."