Melted dark chocolate pouring over chocolate chunks
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The Fancy Cheese You Should Start Pairing With Dark Chocolate
It may sound strange, but dark chocolate and cheese pair extremely well together thanks to their various flavor nuances that play off each other in wonderful and surprising ways.
Many kinds of cheese go well with dark chocolate, but a wedge of fancy parmesan is the perfect complement. Both offer a tender but satisfying bite and a mostly smooth mouthfeel.
To highlight the contrast between the two, take a bite of the cheese first before placing a bit of dark chocolate on your tongue and allowing it to soften into liquid.
This order helps you taste the pleasingly bitter notes in the chocolate. If you follow up with another bite of parmesan, you’ll better notice the cheese's nutty sweetness.
While a good parmesan won't taste overtly salty on its own, when paired with dark chocolate's mild sweetness, its high sodium content comes through, offering a tingling contrast.