Single–barrel Bourbons. Blantons from the bar at Ritz–Carlton Huntington Hotel in San Marino.  (Photo by Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
The Famous Warehouse Blanton's Bourbon Comes From
Warehouse H, the storage area that houses Blanton’s single-barrel bourbon, takes extra precautions to create an environment that guarantees optimal taste in every bottle.
The famed warehouse is maintained by Buffalo Trace Distillery. They strive to keep the area at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to give each bottle its signature smooth taste.
The warehouse windows are opened and closed during the hot and cold seasons so that each bottle of Blanton's stays at the proper cool temperature throughout its aging process.
All of this labor and care, paired with Warehouse H’s fame and reputation, is part of why bottles of Blanton’s are so scarce, making them expensive and hard to find.