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The Family-Owned Coffee Supplier McDonald's Utilizes For
Its Brews
McDonald's gets most of its coffee from family-owned Gaviña Gourmet Coffee, a coffee plant in Vernon, California founded by Cuban immigrant Don Francisco Gaviña.
In 1983, the coffee company began selling drip coffee to a few Southern California McDonald's locations. Then, in 2005, they partnered up to create a stronger drip coffee.
The success of the premium brew led to McDonald's naming Gaviña one of their three suppliers. The other two were S&D Coffee, Inc. and Distant Lands Coffee.
Today, Gaviña is a primary supplier of McDonald's. Per a quote on the McDonald's website, the family is dedicated to supplying "the best coffee in the world to McDonald's."
Along with selling to McDonald's, Gaviña also sells to Costco, 7-Eleven, and various grocery stores. Its coffee plant is located in Vernon, California.