Chef David Chang smiling
The Familiar Spice David Chang Thinks Is 'An Abomination'
Chef David Chang of Momofuku fame hates a certain seasoning and thinks it should only be used in a worst-case scenario, yet it's widely-used by home cooks around the world.
"Pre-ground black pepper is an abomination," Chang says. "The only time you should use it is if you've rented [...] a beach house, and it's the only thing that's in the cupboard."
Purchasing peppercorns in their whole form and freshly grinding them into your recipe provides a proper amount of pepper flavor, with no dustiness or a lack of punch.
If you don't have a pepper mill, many peppercorn jars or dispensers are sold with built-in grinders, making freshly-ground pepper about as easy to find as the pre-ground stuff.
Chang says that fresh black pepper can elevate basic recipes like mac and cheese and grilled cheese all on its own. It can even be used on fruits to bring out their sweetness.