Rustic homemade rock cakes in a rustic home kitchen setting, Newport, Wales, 2010
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The Extra Step You Should Take For Perfectly Crinkled Cookies
A recipe for chocolate chip cookies with a bizarre appearance has captured the attention of social media users. The recipe comes from Sarah Keiffer, a self-taught baker from Minneapolis whose chocolate chip cookies look as wrinkled as a pug's face, but these cookies have a perfect balance of crispness and softness that you must try for yourself.
To make the best crinkled cookies, Keiffer tells bakers to occasionally lift the baking pan by a few inches and drop it down onto the oven rack while the cookies are baking. By gently smacking the pan down, the half-baked centers of the cookies collapse and ripples form on the edges, creating delicious soft middles with a crunchy outer coating.
Keiffer refers to this technique as "pan-banging," and suggests using a medium-weight baking pan, since heavier ones don't allow the cookies to "ripple" as easily. You can also drop the pan onto your countertop or stove top instead of an oven rack, and Keiffer recommends chilling the dough before baking and making the cookies larger than usual.