Grilled burger buns isolated on white background. Collection.
The Extra Step You Need To Take For Crispier Grilled Burger Buns
Instead of only grilling your burger buns, spread softened butter on the grilled side of the bun to add another layer of flavor and a browned, crispy exterior.
Softened butter is far easier to spread across the buns than cold, hard butter. Cold butter is nearly impossible to smear without doing significant damage to your bread.
Using soft, salted, or flavored butter, take a generous helping and spread a layer on the side of the bun that will be grilled. Do this with both buns for maximum crunch and taste.
Lay the buns butter side down on your cooking surface of choice and toast them for about a minute or until they develop an even, golden-brown crisp along the face and edges.
Add condiments and assemble the burger while the buns are warm. Use a meat thermometer to check if the interiors of the buns have reached 140 degrees Fahrenheit for a fluffy inside.