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The Extra Step To Make A Grill Press More Efficient
A grill press is a device that is pressed down on top of food while it's cooking, and it's commonly used to press one side of a sandwich into a pan while also toasting the top of it, or to sear both sides of a steak at the same time. Before you purchase a grill press or pull yours out of the cabinet, make sure to use it in the most efficient way.
Since the goal of using a grill press is to cook your food evenly on both sides and to reduce the cooking time, the press should have a temperature that’s close to that of the surface you’re cooking on. This is why most grill presses are made from cast iron, since the material distributes heat evenly and it retains heat well once it’s hot.
You can heat up a grill press with a gas stove by placing it on the flame, or place it on the heated coil on an electric stove. If you have a glass top stove, don't move the press over the surface or you could scratch your cooktop, and for a thorough job, no matter which stove you have, leave the press on the burner for about 10 minutes.