Homemade Egg and Spinach Frittata with Feta
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The Extra Step That Makes A Rich And Creamy Frittata
Eggs can be transformed into countless dishes, and one of them is the Italian frittata, a sort of crustless quiche or extra-thick baked omelette that can be sliced into wedges. Whether you like your frittata plain or packed with veggies, meats, and herbs, this one extra ingredient will transform your meal.
There are many types of cheese that pair well with a frittata, but if you enjoy an extra-smooth and creamy texture with a spicy kick, pimento cheese is the perfect option. Pimento cheese is a blend of sharp cheddar cheese, pimento peppers, mayonnaise, and often, cream cheese, that can add serious zing to a frittata.
Technique matters when working with very soft cheeses, and chilling them first ensures that they will stay intact in the finished frittata. Food writer Vallery Lomas briefly freezes chunks of creamy cheese — specifically, pimento — before adding it to a skillet and pouring the egg frittata mixture over top.