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The Extra Step Heston Blumenthal Takes For Ultra Crispy French Fries
Renowned chef Heston Blumenthal is known as a kind of culinary alchemist who takes food science to the next level, from taking common dishes to "perfection" via inventive techniques to inventing lickable wallpaper and "meat fruit." He also has his own method for making super crispy french fries, which ends with one special step.
Blumenthal starts with wedge-cut potatoes and runs them under tap water to remove some of their starches, then simmers them in lightly salted water for 10 to 20 minutes (make sure they don’t break). He instructs to let them dry on a rack for 30 minutes, and a rough surface forms on the fries that allows oil to stick and results in a crispier fry.
For Blumenthal's characteristic final touch, put the potatoes in the fridge, then put them in hot oil for their first fry job, until they turn a light golden color. Remove them from the oil and place them back in the fridge to cool and dry, then add the cooled fries back to the hot oil for their final frying, which will leave you with perfectly crispy fries.