Wholegrain oat cookies. Cookies with oatmeal and raisins isolated on the white table.
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The Extra Oatmeal Cookie Step For Plumper Raisins
The best oatmeal raisin cookie recipes deliver chewy treats that are wholesome, satisfying, and chock-full of toasty oats and plump raisins. Since no one wants rock-hard, shriveled raisins in their oatmeal cookies, try taking this simple step to spruce up the dried raisins you use in your favorite recipe.
Celebrity baker Duff Goldman advises at-home bakers to soak both oatmeal and dried raisins in water before making the dough for oatmeal cookies. Soaking raisins in hot water rehydrates them slightly, and the plump, juicy pieces of fruit will add an extra rich and chewy bite to your batch of cookies.
Be sure to drain the raisins on a paper towel and strain the oats before adding them to your dough to avoid making the mixture too wet. When done correctly, the result is a chewy cookie with a satisfying texture that isn't dry or hard, studded with perfectly plump and soft yet chewy raisins.