Egg salad with chopped green onions on top in a white bowl on a white tray
The Extra Creamy Addition For A Unique Twist On Polish Egg Salad
Polish egg salad (pasta jajeczna) is typically a combination of hard-boiled eggs, mayo, chives, and salt and pepper. For a unique spin on it, swap the mayo for cream cheese.
You can use mayo and cream cheese in equal parts for a lighter salad, or add a dollop of cream cheese to the full amount of mayo for a rich mouthfeel and stiffer texture.
Start by softening a brick of plain cream cheese, then mash it with a little mayo in a separate bowl. From there, gently mix it with the chopped hard-boiled eggs and chives.
You can season this creamy, tangy salad however you desire. Serve it as a side, as a sandwich, on buttery crackers as a hors d'oeuvre, or even use it for stuffed bell peppers.