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The Exclusive Pasta Shape Trader Joe's Has Permission To Sell
Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, and while you can find spaghetti at most any grocery store, along with more fun shapes like fusilli, some pastas can only be bought at special stores. Trader Joe's isn't exactly an independent, artisan pasta shop, but this grocery chain is the only place that sells one very unique pasta for in-person shopping.
Trader Joe's now stocks cascatelli, a pasta with a crinkled, swirled shape that fits its name, which is Italian for "waterfalls." This shape was originally designed by the pasta brand Sfoglini in collaboration with James Beard Award winner Dan Pashman, as a noodle formulated for ultimate "sauceability, forkability, and tooth sinkability."
Trader Joe's version of cascatelli is a bit different from Sfoglini's original; America's Test Kitchen reports that the TJ's version is cheaper, cooks more quickly, and has a simpler and more delicate taste. As stated previously, Trader Joe's is the place to buy this special pasta in person, though Sfoglini's cascatelli is available for online order.