Cheese plate assortment of french cheese served with honey, walnuts, bread and grapes on rustic wooden serving board over wood texture background Close up. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The European Cheese Custom We Should All Be Adopting
From creamy French Camembert to sharp Italian Taleggio, the Europeans know how to transform their milk. Yet, most European populations are relatively small compared to the masses in places like China, India, and the U.S., so how do they still stay on top of the cheese game?
Turns out, Europeans eat a lot of cheese at all times of the day; for example, in France, a cheese plate is practically part of the culture, but it comes after the main course of the meal and before dessert. Outside of France, many Europeans include cheese as part of their continental breakfast.
Super-traveler Rick Steves notes that breakfast in the following countries include cheese: the Scandinavian countries, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Spruce Eats also claims that cheese is eaten for breakfast in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Poland, where it is often part of open-faced sandwiches eaten in the morning.