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The Essential Tip To Remember When Grilling Cauliflower
Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable that can be turned into healthier versions of everything from pizza crust to burgers to tater tots. If you prefer to enjoy your cauliflower undisguised, simply grilling the vegetable whole lets its nutty and sweet flavors shine, but there’s an important tip to remember during the cooking process.
You don't want to simply add your head of cauliflower to the grill and leave it alone, since this will result in uneven cooking. Due to the unique shape of cauliflower, where the stalk is thicker than the crown, you'll want to rotate the veggie so that the crown doesn't burn and the stalk cooks until tender enough to melt in your mouth.
Another way to ensure a perfectly-grilled cauliflower is to put most of the grill's coals on one end, so that the stalks are exposed to the brunt of the heat while the crown can cook over indirect heat without burning. Before grilling, give your cauliflower head a good wash and try parboiling if you want to speed up the cook time.