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The Essential Timing Tip To Remember When Cooking Pasta
While there’s no one "correct" way to prepare pasta and everyone has their own preferences, there's one mistake you might make when boiling the noodles that can cost you time and effort. This is how to take the guesswork out of judging how long your pasta needs to boil, in addition to getting dinner on the table faster.
Chef Alissa Fitzgerald tells Insider that you should start heating your water to a boil on the stove as your very first step, instead of putting the pot on after you do other prep work and/or adding the pasta when the water is only simmering. This saves you time and ensures that the pasta boils evenly and will be done in the timeframe you expect.
Only add your pasta once the water comes to a rolling boil, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and in the meantime, do the other prep work your recipe requires. Stir the pasta after you put it in the water to prevent sticking, and taste it towards the end of its cooking time; if the outside is softer than the inside, it's perfectly done.