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The Essential Separation Rule To Keep Fast Food Hot On The Drive Home
When you first pick up your piping-hot fast food from the drive-thru, it can be hard to resist snacking as you drive home. If you want to avoid eating your fast food in the car at all, consider following these tips to help you keep it hot on the drive back home, and forever avoid cold chicken nuggets and lukewarm burgers.
The first step is to separate cold and hot foods, since heat easily transfers from hot to cold food when the items are bagged together or placed next to one another. You can keep your food items piping hot by using an insulated container (stainless steel is best, but plastic or glass will work), or wrap it in tin foil to keep steam in.
An insulated container also keeps cold foods cold, like your icy soda or McFlurry. To help food stay cool inside the container, stuff it with ice packs and let it sit in the freezer the night before getting your food, or use frozen water bottles, ice cubes, or even a wine cooler if you haven't planned your fast food trip that far ahead.