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The Environmental Reason To Consider Walmart's Canned Tuna
In addition to being cheap and ready-to-eat, tuna boasts significant health benefits as a low-calorie, protein-rich food that's also a good source of Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. America loves its tuna, and there are efforts in place to make Americans pay closer attention to where their tuna comes from.
Since 2020, Walmart has been on a mission to provide more sustainably-sourced canned tuna for Walmart's Great Value brand through either a Marine Stewardship Council or Fishery Improvement Project certification. Walmart says its goals include "reducing overfishing, eliminating bycatch and supporting healthier oceans."
Walmart wants to take its commitment a step further in the future, saying that by 2025 they aim to require the same sustainability certifications for all of the shelf-stable tuna that Walmart sells. This move from the largest retailer in America could create ripple effects for more sustainably-sourced seafood across the board.