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The Employee-Approved Tip For Crispy Crust On Frozen Trader Joe's Pizza
Everything about Trader Joe's screams "unique,” including one of its most beloved products — frozen pizza, with elevated delicacies, like uncured pepperoni, stone-baked crust, and vibrant vegetables. Tara Miller and Matt Sloan, marketers at Trader Joe's, share an employee-approved tip for an ultra-crispy pizza crust.
On the August 29, 2022, episode of the "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast series, Matt Sloan notes that his go-to cooking vessel for pizza is a cast iron skillet or a pan, suitable for both oven and stovetop use. He puts the frozen pizza on the cold pan or skillet, pops it in the oven, removes it once the cheese bubbles, and places it on the stovetop to cook for several minutes.
The crust crisps up nicely over "some fire under the pan," though Sloan doesn't state what exact heat level or temperature he uses. This method works because of the dual oven and stove-top usage — the oven cooks the pizza uniformly while the stovetop focuses on the bottom part of the pizza.