Metal bowl placed on wooden surface with soup which is yellow in colour and has green vegetables placed on top.
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The Eggy Bread Soup That's A Staple Breakfast Dish In Colombia
Before the Spanish established the city in the 16th century, the area surrounding modern Bogotá, Colombia was a political confederation called Bacatá, populated by the indigenous Muisca. Almost all of Bogotá cuisine is derived from the ancient meals prepared in Bacatá, including a unique breakfast soup called changüa.
It is said that changüa originated with the Muisca, and while there is no definitive record of this, evidence points to the soup as a blend of ancient traditions with European influences. Modern changüa uses a broth of whole milk, water, and salt, and the Spanish were the ones who brought milk to Colombia centuries ago.
The simmering milk-based broth in changüa is often thickened with bread, usually arepas, a type of circular, grilled cornmeal bread that originated from Bacatá, though the arepas can also be served on the side. Before serving, some cheese, traditionally a thick, soft cheese called queso pera, is sprinkled into the hefty soup.
Changüa has a reputation as a hangover cure because of its hearty texture, warming broth, and the fact that eggs are naturally high in cysteine amino acid, which can help relieve headaches. Changüa also helps the people of Bogotá maintain a calorie-dense diet, which is needed to function in a city at such a high altitude.