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The Eggo Brand Didn't Start Out Selling Waffles
The Eggo brand is synonymous with frozen waffles, and Kellogg, which owns Eggo, controls over 70% of the frozen waffle market in the U.S. However, the company started out by selling something very different from waffles, and this something fits the name of "Eggo" a bit better than frozen breakfast treats do.
In 1932, Eggo debuted by selling mayonnaise, and the company chose the name Eggo to boast about the quality of the eggs in their product. Advertisements claimed that their product had been tested and contained more eggs than other mayonnaise brands, though they started selling waffle batter and potato chips soon after.
Eggo owner Frank Dorsa later invented a machine to mass produce frozen waffles, and the brand released its signature waffles in 1953. The company briefly changed its name to "Froffles," a mash-up of "frozen" and "waffles," but soon switched back to Eggo, and their now-famous product went national in 1973.