Healthy and low-carb oatmeal cookies, flour-less with hazelnut and dried cranberries, an ideal for diet people
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The Egg Swap That Makes Flourless Cookies Even Simpler
There seems to be no end to fun twists on sweets like brownies, cakes, and cookies, and beyond changing the flavors of recipes, many bakers alter desserts to suit people with dietary restrictions. If you avoid gluten and like to make flourless cookies, try this ingredient trick to help them bake more evenly with pleasingly uniform shapes.
When baking flourless cookies, Southern Living editor Mary Shannon Wells accidentally used whites from extra large eggs rather than large, which turned out to be a happy accident. Cookies with extra-large egg whites retained their gooey interior, crunchy exterior, and held their shape better than cookies made with large egg whites.
Usually, swapping large or extra large eggs for each other will mess with a baking recipe, but it seems like this trick can be a serious boon. Flourless cookies are a bit notorious for spreading out in the oven and getting a bit lumpy and imperfect, so try whipping in extra-large egg whites so they come out of the oven looking a little prettier.