Fried pickles with a dipping sauce
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The Egg Roll Method For Stuffed Fried Pickles That Are Virtually Mess-Free
It's no secret that Southerners love to fry things, including the ever-popular battered and fried pickles. While pickles are often sliced into coins before frying, you can also stuff whole pickles with tasty fillings and then fry the whole package, a messy but rewarding process — unless you use this unique method to eliminate the mess.
Wonton wrappers are the key to a no-fuss stuffed fried pickle with no leaky fillings, whether you air-fry or deep-fry them. Firstly, use an apple corer to extract the center of whole pickles, or use pickle spears and simply sandwich your filling between them; either way, you'll want to pat the pickles dry to prevent sogginess before proceeding.
Once your pickle is stuffed or sandwiched, wrap it up in a wonton wrapper in the same way you would wrap an egg roll. Place the pickle across the wrapper diagonally and fold the corners over the ends of the pickle, moisten the opposite side with water to promote a good seal, and then roll it up until the whole package is tightly wrapped.
The pickle egg rolls will fry up perfectly, with no need for messy batter or risk of coming apart while cooking. As for the filling itself, whole mozzarella sticks wrapped in prosciutto are great for whole pickles, while spreadable cheeses can be mixed with flavorings and then piped into whole pickles or sandwiched between pickle spears.