Carbonara paste on a beige background
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The Egg Mistake That's Making Your Carbonara Less Tasty
Spaghetti carbonara features a rich and creamy sauce made with Pecorino Romano cheese, pepper, guanciale, and eggs, at a common ratio of four yolks to every whole egg.
Eggs make a carbonara sauce creamy and delicious, but only if incorporated correctly. If you get your eggs too hot too quickly, they'll scramble instead of creating a smooth sauce.
To prevent this, add the yolks and egg into a bowl with the Pecorino. Then, using tongs, move the just-boiled pasta directly from the hot water into the bowl without draining it.
The hot water from the noodles will slowly introduce the eggs to heat, allowing them to meld and thicken into a sauce gradually, rather than solidifying and scrambling in the hot pan.
That little bit of pasta water is also necessary to thin out and unify the sauce, but be careful not to wash out the eggs' creaminess by adding too much liquid.