Egg avocado boats on white plate with green herbs
The Egg-In-A-Hole Method For Avocado Lovers
Egg-in-a-hole is a classic dish of toast with a hole in the middle that holds a sunny-side up egg. For the true avocado lover, this fruit can stand in for the bread.
All you have to do is cut an avocado in half and remove the pit. Then, sprinkle some salt and pepper on the flesh and gently crack one egg into the depressions on each half.
You can bake the eggs and avocado in the oven or cook the halves on the stove in a covered skillet. Medium-sized eggs usually fit the best in the hole left by the pit.
If your eggs are larger, remove some of the avocado flesh around the pit. You'll have a protein-packed breakfast where the avocado's creamy texture complements the crisp egg.