Homemade bread pudding stacked on a plate
The Egg Consistency You're Searching For When Making Bread Pudding
Bread pudding is a great way to salvage stale bread, but instead of a soft, custard-like texture, you might end up with a dish that appears to be covered in scrambled eggs.
To avoid this, ensure that the eggs have the right consistency by beating the yolks and whites until they truly combine, and reach what is known as the "ribbon" stage.
At this stage, the eggs should increase in volume, and their texture should be foamy and the color pale. This usually requires three to five minutes of whisking.
Use fresh eggs, preferably those that are at room temperature. You can also use the cold ones, but it'll take longer to get them to the right consistency.
Instead of having a scrambled egg texture, the egg mixture for your pudding will stay unified as it bakes, creating the creamy taste and texture that a bread pudding should have.