Various types of mushrooms on wooden cutting board with knife
The Effortless Hack To Prep Mushrooms For Stuffing
If you’re making stuffed mushrooms and want a quick way to prep them, all you need is a standard kitchen tool and a little scooping action.
You can twist off mushroom stems with your hands and then scrape them out, but this can be messy, and the inside of your mushroom will have a craggy, uneven surface.
A melon baller allows you to quickly remove the inner gills of the mushroom and create a smooth, roomy reservoir ready for all your stuffing.
The key to using a melon baller to prepare mushrooms is to remove their stems by hand before using the edge of the baller to scoop out the inner gills of the cap.
Use the baller to scoop in the filling. It works perfectly with all sizes of mushrooms, even small ones like buttons or chestnuts, which make fantastic bite-sized hors d’oeuvres.