Old fashioned rum drink on ice with orange zest garnish.
The Effortless Fix To Make Strong Rum Cocktails Easier To Drink
If you're new to rum, or already know you're not a fan of its strong flavor, there's a way to mellow drinks like Mai Tais and Cable Cars so rum lovers and skeptics can enjoy them.
Tasting Table recipe developer Michelle McGlinn recommends adding a dash of extra sweetener to rum-based cocktails. The sweetness softens the strong burn of the liquor.
McGlinn adds an extra ½ ounce of simple syrup to her Cable Car cocktail. This liquid combo of water and sugar works great, and so does honey, agave nectar, or even fruit juice.
The key is not to overdo it. If you add too much sweetness, the whole drink will be overpowered, so add your sweetener gradually at about a ¼ ounce at a time, tasting as you go.
If you're not a fan of sugar, try using a milder rum. Dark and spiced rum have strong flavors, but white or light rum is much smoother and more suitable for rum novices.
Alternatively, if you're shaking your rum cocktails, try adding a bit more ice than what the recipe calls for. Ice dilutes the drink slightly, making it smoother and milder.