King crab legs and eating tools.
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The Efficient Hack For Removing Crab Meat From The Legs
Some shy away from crab as they believe that getting the meat is more hassle than it's worth, but there is an easy way to remove it from the legs.
According to TikTok's Joshua Weissman, all you need is a pair of handy kitchen scissors and a simple tapping motion to force out whole pieces of intact crab leg meat.
Take the crab leg and break it into smaller segments at the joint, then use your scissors to snip off an end of each piece to create a large opening for the crab meat to exit.
Next, hold the segment in one hand, with the snipped end facedown on a cutting board or directly to your plate, and tap with force until the leg meat falls out in one whole piece.
For those who enjoy every crab meat morsel, note that this hack doesn't work so well on smaller crab legs or finicky claws.