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The Easy Way To Smoke Meat Right In Your Kitchen
BBQ restaurants are often the go-to spot for tender, smoked meats, made using an old cooking method that allows smoke and various food items to mingle for preservation and browning. Smoking adds flavorful elements of fire to food and is usually done outside with grills and smokers, but it can also be done in the kitchen with a pressure cooker.
According to Serious Eats, a pressure cooker should only be used as a smoker for quick-smoking foods rather than racks of ribs or brisket. The food outlet suggests placing foil at the bottom of the cooker, putting some spices or soaked wood chips over it, then adding a steamer basket with foods of your choice, and heating.
The source also notes that you should only place the lid on when you see smoke escaping from the appliance and to reheat it often to maintain the smoke. After 10 to 20 minutes, foods like fish, chicken wings, or cheese should be done smoking, but it’s important that you still check them for doneness.