A cluster of ripe Alphonso mangoes with green mango leaves
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The Easy Way To Make Fresh Mango Less Slimy
Mango is the most widely-consumed fruit in the world, popular for its deliciously sweet and floral flavor and many health benefits. While fresh mango's buttery texture is a huge plus for many eaters, some more sensitive palates find it a touch slippery and even slimy — here's how to cut down on that texture so everyone can enjoy this fruit.
Chef Shamil Velazquez says that chilling sliced mango in the fridge can help prevent mucilage or slime from forming on the flesh, especially when stored in a plastic bag or airtight container. The cold also slows down the ripening process, giving you a larger frame of time before the mango becomes overripe, super soft, and slippery.
The perfect time to eat a mango is when the flesh feels a little soft, rather than firm or mushy, and keeping mangoes in the fridge is especially helpful if you want to use them in cooking, since the flesh is easier to cut when it's not too slippery. Once your mango is cut up, toss it into desserts, salads, and more for a truly special treat.