Seasoned cooked asparagus in a pan
The Easy Way To Guarantee Your Asparagus Is Fully Seasoned
Due to the cylindrical shape of asparagus stalks, seasonings roll off of them very easily. This problem can be easily overcome by submerging the veggie in a liquid.
According to a TikTok by America’s Test Kitchen, brining asparagus is the best way to season it inside and out. The brine can completely surround the stalks for even seasoning.
Use a fork or toothpick to poke holes into raw asparagus. Prepare the brine by filling a bowl with four cups of water and mixing in a quarter of a cup of kosher salt.
Place the asparagus in the brine so that it is completely submerged in the water, and leave it to sit in the fridge for about an hour while the stalks soak up the salt.
This technique works for asparagus that is going to be roasted, grilled, or sautéed. After the asparagus has been soaked and thoroughly patted dry, it's ready to cook.
For perfect roasted asparagus, arrange the spears evenly on a baking sheet, sprinkle with olive oil and pepper, and cook them in a 425 degree Fahrenheit oven for 12 minutes.