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The Easy Way To Extend The Life Of Your Mushrooms
With an earthy flavor and meaty texture that compliments everything from pizza to burgers, there’s a lot to love about mushrooms. One of the few downsides of these versatile fungi is that they quickly turn slimy and spoiled if stored improperly; here are the best ways to keep your mushrooms fresher for longer.
Mushrooms are highly sensitive to moisture, so if they’re wrapped too tightly, or in a material that doesn’t allow ventilation, they’ll soak up liquid and turn slimy. Store mushrooms in a paper bag, which allows ventilation and absorbs excess moisture; also, keep them on a main shelf of your fridge, rather than the produce drawer.
Avoid washing your mushrooms before storing, or else they’ll absorb too much water, and if you have shiitakes, portobellos, or other mushrooms with large "gills" — the frilly parts on the underside of the cap — scraping the gills off can help the mushrooms last longer. Stored properly, your mushrooms can last for up to 10 days.