Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy in a Boat
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The Easy Way To Add Flavor To Bland Gravy In An Instant
A good gravy can save dry, overcooked meats, lumpy potatoes, and even soggy poutine. However, bland gravy can also ruin an otherwise delicious meal, and while adding more salt and pepper is an okay solution, there's another common ingredient that can instantly make your ho-hum gravy taste meatier.
Using a bouillon cube to season your gravy adds an instant savory and meaty flavor. These condensed flavor bombs are salty and meant to make stock flavored like chicken, turkey, beef, mushroom, or vegetables, and since the best gravy uses a base of stock, adding more in the form of a convenient cube is a great idea.
Bouillon cubes may also contain aromatics like mirepoix and flavor enhancers like MSG, and you can also try liquid bouillon packets, jarred bouillon pastes, and even convenient powders like Japanese instant dashi. Add the instant stock conservatively — it is salty — until your gravy tastes perfectly rich and tasty.