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The Easy Way Ina Garten Boosts The Flavor Of Chicken Stock
Bouillon, a French term for broth or stock, is often sold in convenient, concentrated cubes or pastes that can be added to water to create an instant meat stock. Many home cooks use ready-made bouillon in place of homemade broth, but celebrity chef Ina Garten combines both the instant and homemade method for best results.
The Barefoot Contessa adds two bouillon cubes to five cups of chicken stock as the base for her chicken pot pie, noting that bouillon flavors the entire dish, even if your broth is already flavorful. Food & Wine explains that bouillon cubes are packed with umami flavor, giving you a huge return for very little effort.
Bouillon is affordable, easy to find, and doesn't take up too much space in your kitchen. Various brands offer this product in powders, cubes, bases, and pastes, so you have lots of options to choose from, and its high salt content means your chicken broth for pot pie, soup, stew, and more won't need much extra seasoning.