T-Bone steak grilled  (Photo by Jose R. Aguirre/Cover/Getty Images)
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The Easy Trick To Never Overcook A T-Bone Steak Again
The T-bone steak consists of two steaks, a filet mignon and a NY strip, connected by a T-shaped bone. Since each steak has a different cook time, the T-bone is easy to overcook.
Grilling is the best way to cook a T-bone steak since it allows you to move the steak around and control which part of the steak cooks on and off direct heat.
To grill a T-bone steak to perfection, use reverse searing, where you primarily cook over indirect heat and finish over direct heat for that sought-after even crust.
You can set up direct and indirect heat zones on any heat source, including propane, charcoal, or wood.
Face the smaller filet mignon side away from the heat since its lower fat content makes it cook quicker. Place the larger strip side facing the heat source, parallel to the flame.
Use a meat thermometer to check the steak’s internal temperature to ensure the strip reads 115 degrees Fahrenheit and the filet reads 110 F, then finish it off with a quick sear.