Chicken burrito cut in half
The Easy Trick For Sealing The End Of A Burrito
Once you've constructed and folded up your homemade burrito, there's a quick trick you can use to ensure all your hard work doesn't go to waste and your snack stays intact.
Simply put a little bit of guacamole along the edges of your burrito and press them down to seal everything in place. You can also use refried beans, chipotle mayo, or sour cream.
This trick works best if your burrito has been folded properly. Start by placing your ingredients in a rectangular shape in the center of a warm tortilla.
Tuck the two sides near the short end of your filling rectangle to create the ends of your burrito, then use your thumbs to pick up the bottom part of the tortilla.
Pinch everything together and roll it tight, but not so tight that the burrito bursts. Then add your sealing sauce of choice to the seams to keep everything in place.